Five Nights Before Chirstmas

Going green for the holidays? Need a new TV to while away the long winter days? Spread some green digital cheer. No ba hum bug for the signal switch over next year. With this little ditty, you can become quite witty. See Santa’s reasons for going green with your TV this holiday season.

T’was five nights before Christmas and all through the house
Creatures were stirring and rockin’ out.
Santa’s cool def jam blared on the non-digital TV,
As lights twinkled on our LED-lit, ecologically-forested, Christmas tree.
I wrapping presents with recycled paper all a glee,
Amazed by the next commercial announcing an ‘Eco TV.’
I am such a boob! I am!
I ordered a flat, digital TV that now does not seem so glam.
In the store the picture was all a glow.
The holiday deals so wonderfully low.
I never gave a thought, not one.
Where would my old TV go when it was done?
Into the trash full of mercury, plastic, and lead.
Oh! Visions of tainted water and growing landfills dance in my head.
But just at that moment a happy reprieve.
I heard rain deer hooves and a “Ho, ho, ho” as I saw the red sleeve!
Down the chimney he came in a flash.
All rosy in red organic jeans and zip-up, organic, alpaca-wool hoodie to match.
The jolly voice whispered, “you’re not a boob!
You know what to do. First, things first, recycle that old tube.
Save the environment repair, recycle, repurpose, reuse,
While providing jobs for others and low cost electronics too.
Then call up the store and cancel the mercury and lead.
Get something still flat and glowing, but greener instead.
Vote with your dollars; use your green voice!
It’s conscious consumer pressure spurring companies to make a green choice.”
“Thank you, thank you,” was all I could say
As I thought, ‘why is he here on this day?’
“A test run for the new bamboo reins my dear,” he said with a wink.
“And after, taking the gang for a “bio diesel,” organic, switch-grass drink.”
Giving a smile, he pulled on his beard.
Up the chimney he disappeared.
Jumping in his post-consumer recycled aluminum sleigh, they flew out of sight.
While departing he said “Green Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.”
With a flip and a flutter a curious paper floated down to the hearth.
Green TV Recycling and Green TV Buying, A Santa Guide it said with a flair of Elfish art.


Happy Holidays to all and to all a Happy Green New Year!

Kellee K. Sikes transitions organizations from single to triple bottom line success for people, profit, and the planet (P3). Reach her at ksikes at pioneer-technologies dot com or