Dell’s Ultra-Thin Adamo Notebook to Rival MacBook Air

Rumors and snippets of information are circlating that Dell has a novel new laptop on the way: An ultra-thin, ultra-light machine in the MacBook Air class. Only Dell’s machine, dubbed Adamo, is to be thinner.

Apple’s MacBook Air came as something of a surprise when it arrived: Neither a netbook nor quite a common all-garden laptop, the ultra-thin machine is ostensibly aimed at computer users who are often on the move. It’s not easy to imagine the machine garnering much market share, which is why Dell’s move is interesting.

The Adamo rumors first surfaced at the New York Times, were expanded on with news that it’s actually being called the “world’s thinnest laptop” within Dell. It’ll apparently come in a black and silver color scheme, and it was due to be out this month–but for reasons unknown it’s been pushed back to February. There’s precious little info, so we’ll have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure: its pricing will be all-important, since the Air’s $1,800 price premium is off-putting for many.

[via NYT, Engadget]