Is BD-Live On Dark Knight REALLY The Future?

Tonight’s Dark Knight Blu-ray event was the first ever BD-Live experience in America. But the live text commentary featuring the film’s director, Chris Nolan, left much to be desired. The questions that were texted in resembled the same hit or miss quality as online chats — and only rarely related to what was actually happening during the live viewing of the film. As for the questions that were interesting, even those garnered little attention because most of Christopher Nolan’s typed responses were short.

Nolan talked about Heath Ledger’s process for creating his version of the Joker, which was captivating, especially since the extras on the disc barely mention the late actor. Further, discussions about IMAX and 35mm filming vs. digital filming were highly technical, probably turning off some. Later, Nolan artfully dodged questions about a third film. And there was a live marriage proposal between two fans — but did we need it? And why did Nolan ignore a question about piracy?

Though interesting, this BD-Live event didn’t fully represent the future of home entertainment that Blu-ray promises to offer us. Both Nolan and the Dark Knight deserve better than what was experienced during this event. In fact, the film should have had audio commentary to begin with. And even a tribute documentary to Ledger might have been a worthy inclusion. Hopefully, Warner Bros. learns from this experiment and comes back with a richer experience next time.

With that said, now I’m going to take a five-minute pee break, just like the one Nolan took during tonight’s event. Maybe I’ll find some relief from my disappointment.

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