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The Perfect Gadget For The Inebriated

Need a Christmas gift for that friend who drinks a little too much at parties, and then wants to drive? Or maybe you're even distrustful of your own driving after a rocking New Year's Eve? Then David Steele Enterprises just may have the perfect gadget for you. The company's iBreath, an accessory for the iPod, helps you to self-administer a breathalyzer test. After five seconds of breathing into it, it will display your blood alcohol level. The iBreath will run you $79 when it's released the end of this month, after a long wait from 2006 when an initial model never made it to market.

Don Bassler, CEO of David Steele, says, "It's for people who imbibe alcohol. iBreath is a tool to assist them to make intelligent and safe decisions." And by the way, the iBreath also features a built in FM tuner. Just a little something to occupy your time while you hail that taxi, or wait for your body to process all that alcohol.