Verizon’s 2009 Hot Motorola Cellphone Line-up Leaks

“Hot” hasn’t been a word much associated with Motorola for a little while, as the company that once wowed us with the RAZR has fallen behind much of its competition. But a series of leaks of the 2009 Verizon Motorola cellphone lineup over at Boy Genius Report shows Motorola catching up.

Pictured left is the NIAGARA, a development of the current RIZR phone. Its sharp angles and edges look sweet, and are echoed elsewhere in the leaked info. The FLASH (below, left) candybar phone is similarly straight-edged, and features raised touch controls on its apparently keyboard-less front. The CALGARY (below, right) takes the design theme into a full-QWERTY sliding keyboard phone, with a full touchscreen front. Is this Motorola’s attempt to tap into the market where the iPhone and newer Blackberries hold sway?

There’s also the RUSH 2, with a similar Sidekick-like form factor to the Calgary, ditching the metal body and keyboard for slighty more conventional curved lines. And the INFERNO, a flip-phone with what appears to be a transparent screen-protecting flip speaker.

All these are but renders, it is true, so there’s a possibility that some or all of these devices might not make it to Verizon’s shelves. And even if they do, they’ll have to exhibit good specs and a better user-interface (Moto’s traditional weak-spot) if they’re to sell well. But BGR claims good provenance on this leaked data, even saying that the RUSH2 should be released during Q1 2009, probably early in the quarter. We’ll wait and see.

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