Social Media Heyday

Been tough to post the last few weeks due to illness (bad cold, hopefully nothing more). Amazing things are going on in the social space which merits discussion. The “mommy blogger” incident which caused Motrin to pull a campaign. This signals to advertisers and all companies that they must monitor what is being said about their company 24×7. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools for doing this. More in another blog soon. 

On another front, San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom chose to deliver his annual “State of the City” address via YouTube rather than at a press conference. In interviews with the press, he said that this permitted him to give out the whole story (7 1/2 hours worth!) to his constituants. He went on to say that the previous delivery mechanism, a speech which was largely attented by reporters, tended to get boiled down too much.

On the heels of the remarkable use of social media by President Elect Barak Obama, these are heady times indeed for social media. One of the best examples of the convergence of media and technology.

The consumer IS in charge.