Mercedes BlueZERO Eco Cars To Come With Three Alternative-Fuel Options

The automotive industry may be in financial tatters at least in the US, but progress marches on, and the future of cars is going to be alternative fuels, for oil-shortage and environmental reasons. Mercedes-Benz knows this, so it’s showing its new BlueZERO cars, featuring three completely different alternative-powered engine options.

The greenest option may be the all-electric E-CELL version, which could incorporate Tesla batteries. It’ll run 120 miles on a single charge, enough for several short commutes to work and back. But if you want to drive further there’s the F-CELL engine–that’s hydrogen-powered, and gives the car a 248-mile range. The hybrid engined E-CELL PLUS can go for 370 miles, but that’s because the electric engine gets a boost from a small built-in gasoline-powered motor. Still contributing to pollution, but obviously way less than your average gas-guzzler.

All three options will come in the same vehicle shell, saving Mercedes (and thus the consumer, one would hope) plenty of design money. The BlueZERO cars will debut in 2010.

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