Orbita Mouse Is One Big Scroll Wheel

Over its forty year life the mouse has seen some interesting re-inventions, and the new Orbita mouse is one that’s eye-catching. Its designers have taken the idea of a scroll wheel and inverted it, making the entire top surface of the mouse into a scroll dial.

The makers, CyberEsport, claim it’s the “world’s first wireless 3-axis mouse,” and it’s specifically designed to help scroll through long documents or web pages, and for design work that involves use of the scroll wheel within software. Left clicks happen by pushing on the top of the mouse, right clicks by squeezing its sides, and the entire thing spins on ball bearings to effect the scroll-wheel action. Amazingly, it features an electronic compass to determine the orientation you’re using.

Out now for $98.50 if you’re a heavy scroll-wheel user who’s looking for a different solution.

[Orbita via OhGizmo]