Send Me No Emailed Holiday Greetings

Thanksgiving has become an alternative greeting card holiday. I get this because we’re so inundated at Christmas it makes sense to want to beat the rush. I used to get actual cards in the mail. This year, I received some some emailed greetings. Ugh. Why do people think this type of outreach is a good idea?

These “cards” weren’t even from the card sites. They were regular emails with big letters in different colors that said “Happy Thanksgiving” or “I Have So Much to Be Thankful For, Including You.” To add insult to injury they screamed broadcast because of the lack of personalization.

If you are going to go to the trouble of sending a holiday greeting, then it should stand out. That means time and trouble and expense. It means a personal note on each card with your signature in your hand. Plain old email stands out about as much as someone dressed in black in New York City. This year in particular, with businesses and people feeling crunched, it’s a lift to receive a card that makes you feel like someone actually thought of you.

For the past few years, I’ve created custom cards. They are unique, fun and consistent with my brand and business. People have begun to anticipate receiving them, which means they’re thinking of me in advance. They send me notes telling me how much they enjoyed the cards and thanking me.

I know you’re crazy busy. And sure it takes planning and hours of writing, signing, stuffing and stamping (with a nice stamp). But it’s worth it.

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