IBM’s Corporate Volunteers Bring Tourists to Africa

The IBM Corporate Service Corps volunteers promises to be one of the most effective models of Employee Volunteer Programs I have yet seen. I’ve written about the program before, as an outstanding example of connecting core business growth strategies with philanthropic activities. (Corporate Volunteering: Giving Time to Make a Profit).

The following article is just a small example of what it means to strengthen infrastructure and businesses in developing nations. To achieve the Millennial Goals by 2015, these are the kinds of strategies in which corporations must continue to invest.

“The IBM teams of volunteers, from the United States, Japan, Israel, Germany and Hungary, provided support for information management, preparing and implementing communications plans, and assisted in building a new website with the database of tour operators.

Teams also assisted the Tanzanians in their provision of online training materials, education programs for small and medium sized travel enterprises, and further expertise with regard to IT engineering, software research, business development and marketing communications.”

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Oh, and if you want to on on a hike up Kilimanjaro, safari in the Serengeti, or grab a beach getaway in Zanzibar, click here….CJ