• 12.15.08

Instant Sexy: Potions That Make You Pretty

Ingestibles are the hot growth segment in the 45 billion beauty business, with the potential to transform cosmetics counters into apothecaries. Here beauty potion professionals talk about bringing their products to the masses.

“We’re Nestlé but we’re also a startup beauty company, so our goal is to build credibility. We started in prestige locales like Neiman Marcus. We have to educate consumers about what this category is and make them much more open to the idea that what you consume does affect how you look and feel. [Market researcher] Datamonitor projects that this will be a $1.3 billion business by 2012, but when I started in 2006, that number was only $800,000. We’re creating a whole new category that fuses food, nutrition, and beauty — and accessing all of the emotions women have about appearance and food.”