Rumor: Sony Walkman to Rival iPod Touch

The iPod Touch (and iPhone) may have been deemed as “the best iPod ever” by Steve Jobs himself, and Apple clearly dominates the MP3 player market. But it seems Sony thinks enough is enough, and is due to release a new Walkman that goes head-to-head with the Touch.

Rumors are circulating that the Sony device will be an OLED touchscreen media player with a WQVGA screen (that’s somewhere in the vicinity of 400 x 240 pixels) and it’ll have Wi-Fi for web-surfing and presumably music and video connectivity too. It’s also reported to be able to link a music archive directly to Youtube, so if listening to a song by Ms Aguilera’s makes you yearn to see her writhing on video, it’ll be just a click away. There could also be podcast downloads and maybe an FM radio and noise-canceling earphones. Storage capacities are suggested at 32GB and 16GB.

So far that sounds so very much not an iPod Touch killer. If this gizmo is real, it’ll have to be at the right price.

[via Reghardware]KE