FCC Cancels Whitespace Free Wi-Fi Meeting

First George W. expressed his disapproval of the future-thinking nationwide free Wi-Fi service, and now the FCC has simply cancelled a meeting that was scheduled this week to discuss the issue.

The December 18th meeting was due to be on the topic of auctioning portions of the whitespace spectrum that would end up being used for the proposed national free Wi-Fi internet service. But, apparently coming under pressure from certain “key lawmakers” who pushed for delaying the meeting, it’s not going to happen now.

Are we looking at a move to push controversial topics out of the end of the Bush administration and into the Obama era? Or is the topic so mired in difficulty, courtesy of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s push that the new service be pornography free, and lack of free internet in the business plans of interested parties, that it needs a significant rethink before beginning to go into action? Only time, and now a new administration in the White House, will tell.

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