You’ve Got IT, Nonprofits Need IT: Doing Good One Byte At A Time

Too many nonprofits are missing out on the advantages of the internet in communicating their messages, galvanizing support, and serving the world.  Businesses can add important value by providing guidance, expertise, and technical skills.


There are three ways businesses can add value:

  1. Help nonprofits create dynamic websites to bring their stories to life: about their missions, programs and services, and supporters.  As Fast Company readers know, the first place any prospective volunteer or donor goes is to the nonprofit website.  Many nonprofits simply lack the time, attention, resources, and know-how to create and support the websites that are so vital to communicate effectively in today’s world.
  2. Make it easy for donors and volunteers to support organizations online. As we’ve seen with the Obama election as well as a number of innovative nonprofit efforts, individual giving is exploding through clever internet campaigns.  There are untapped resources we can access for good works.
  3. Help nonprofits to use technology to advance their missions.  For organizations like iMentor, Reach the World, and Earthwatch that are ahead of the curve, the internet and technology literacy are integral to the program and the mission.  Business people can help organizations imagine new possibilities and implement innovative services to enrich the lives of young people and adults in underserved communities in the U.S. and around the world, while also fostering cross-cultural communications.

Be part of the solution. Contribute your creative, strategic, and technical expertise. AK