Most Popular Android Applications For November 2008

Here are the 10 most popular Android Apps for November 2008, based on number of downloads, number of comments, and average rating (compiled by Medialets).

Most Popular Android Applications For November 2008

The Android Market is still in its infancy, having just opened October 22. So it’s no surprise that the most popular applications are classics, led by Namco’s Pac-Man with more than 250,000 downloads. The total number of downloads is increasing at a steady clip, though, and the news that Sony Ericsson is releasing an Android phone next year means that developers are likely to start pushing out more apps in the near future.


Here are the 10 most popular Android Apps for November 2008, based on number of downloads, number of comments, and average rating, according to a report by Medialets, a mobile analytics and advertising company.


Pac-Man by Namco
Pac-Man was one of the first apps available for the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. This version features three unique control schemes: Swipe Mode allows players to direct PAC-MAN’s path by simply swiping in the direction you want to travel, Track Mode lets players zip through mazes using the phone’s trackball, and Accelerometer Mode allows players to control PAC-MAN by tilting the phone in the direction they want to move. It’s not a lot different from the arcade game, except for the price: players get full access to the game for free.

MySpace Mobile
Upload photos to your profile, check out band tour schedules, view and comment on photos and profiles, search and add news friends, send and read messages, and update and view mood and status with this app. It’s also integrated with Shazam, the mobile music discovery service that helps you to identify songs by holding your phone towards an unknown song and connecting to the artist’s MySpace page.

The Weather Channel
While Video may only be available through the pre-installed YouTube app (or other applications offered through Market), The Weather Channel has done a nice job of including video weather updates of your local weather featuring a meteorologist. You also get hourly, 36-hour, and 10-day forecasts.


Launched exclusively for Android on the G1, ShopSavvy by Big In Japan, Inc., uses the camera in your phone to scan the barcode of products and assists you with finding the best prices on the Internet and at local stores.

This app lets you create your own ringtone by editing an MP3 track from your music library, or recording one directly from your phone. It’s like Garageband for your Android phone.

imeem Mobile
Streaming radio for your phone with imeem Moobile is pretty simple. Take imeem on the road with you and discover new artists, create favorite stations, or listen to what your friends are listening to.

Shazam’s users can discover new music and get information about something they haven’t heard before, search for a specific interest, buy a range of music products, remember what’s playing to buy it later, or just to create a collection and pass it on to friends and family.

Rings Extended
Rings Extended, by Dianne Hackborn, expands on your pre-installed ringtone selection by allowing you to select from music stored on your phone or even sounds that you recorded.


Bonsai Blast
This action-puzzle game challenges players to shoot and match colored balls to clear them before they reach the Yin-Yang at the end of the level. The rich, detailed environments of earth, wind, and fire are controlled by using the touch-screen and accelerometer.

Brain Genius Deluxe
Also from Bonsai Blast developers glu mobile comes this collection of 24 intuitive touch-controlled games and bonus puzzles including Sudoku and Jigsaws. You’ll quickly test your genius level, as you compare your score with that of other users.

Check back next month to see how the stats measure up for December.

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