Innovative Giving: Play It Forward With Akoha

What it is: Akoha is the world’s first social reality game where you earn points by playing real-world missions. Based on a play it forward model, players register on Akoha’s website and are sent a pack of mission cards which include instructions like “give someone a copy of your favorite book” and “give someone a compact fluorescent lightbulb.” Each card has a unique identifier enabling recipients to confirm receipt and order their own pack of cards. The recipient then, in turn, performs the same act of kindness for someone else, and the card gets passed along. As your act gets played forward, you accumulate karma points visible on the site. “This game gives people the permission to approach someone and perform a random act of kindness,” says Austin  Hall, Akoha’s founder.

What you can do: The site is currently in beta and cards are available only upon request. Sign up here.

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