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Sony Ericsson To Launch An Android Phone

T-mobile's G1 cellphone was the first handset to use the Google-friendly Android open-source OS, but now the Open Handset Alliance has gained a powerful new member in Sony Ericsson.

The electronics giant confirmed it had joined the Android-developing alliance and added that it intended to bring its own Android-powered device to market next year. "We believe Sony Ericsson can bring a wealth of experience in making consumer focused multimedia handsets with new user experience to the Alliance," said a senior executive, adding that it might extend Android to its Walkmen and Cybershot cameraphones as well.

Sony will apparently maintain a diverse range of operating systems on its cellphones, meaning that Sony Ericsson handsets will be running Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android when the new devices arrive sometime around the middle of next year.

Should Apple begin to fear the rise of the Android? Well, perhaps not fearyet, but Sony Ericsson is a huge player in the cellphone game, and with names like LG and Samsung also due to produce Android devices it looks like the OS has a stronger future ahead of it.

[via The Telegraph]