Vertu’s Solid-Gold Boucheron 150 Cellphone

Vertu’s high-end cellphones always mix luxury components with off-the-beaten-track designs and luxuriously high price tags, but with this latest product you have to wonder if Vertu’s company dictionary even includes the word “recession”. The Boucheron 150 cellphone, you see, is crafted from a single piece of solid gold.

Superficially its design is reminiscent of Nokia’s Prism cellphone with all those angular facets, but they’re actually key to the theme of the phone: It’s intended to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Parisien jewelry house Boucheron. Craftsmanship went into its production along with technology, with 1,000 hours of shaping, 700 polishing hours, and 500 hours of build.

We know it’ll have 3G connectivity, it’ll come in a similarly-luxurious wooden presentation box, but we can only suspect it’ll be a limited edition. Innovative? Sure–it’s crafted from solid gold, which sounds like a first. High-tech? Probably not very, its small screen and keypad controls are a long way from the cutting edge. Excellent piece of design work? Possibly, though those facets make it look tricky to hold, and goodness knows how much it’ll weigh. Whether you deem it luxury phone or ugly extravagence though, you’ll have to be financially secure indeed to buy one, as rumors of its price are hovering in the region of $30,000.

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