The Bison Group Appoints Business Development Specialist “Gordon Enterprises” to Head Reseller Recruitment in North America

Philadelphia, PA. – 8 December 2008: The Bison Group ® Corporation, the world leader in military-style executive education and LeaderShaping Applicat

Philadelphia, PA. – 8 December 2008: The Bison Group ® Corporation, the world leader in military-style executive education and LeaderShaping Applications, today launched its Reseller Partner Program for the North American region. A major objective of the program will be to recruit strategic resellers that provide added value to The Bison Group through their business and executive education expertise, their application focus, and their ability to expand geographic coverage. The Reseller Partner Program combined with Bison’s emotional intelligence, organizational behavior, transformational leadership, performance management assessments, strategic-execution and team building maneuver applications, along with its committed customer base, is expected to accelerate Bison’s success within the executive education space. The Bison Group customers will benefit from the program through accelerated delivery of targeted business training applications and the expertise that each reseller will be able to provide. The new program will lay the platform for Bison to enhance its service offerings to benefit Bison’s resellers worldwide.


Bison’s Reseller Partner Program centers on providing resellers with effective sales and marketing support and online support programs, tools, training and support services needed to ensure their business success. The program delivers value to resellers’ by rewarding them for their commitment with a number of financial incentives for engaging with Bison on joint business opportunities. Resellers will receive program benefits, including marketing development resources for joint lead generation activities, sales training, discounts on developer certification classes and passes to Bison’s Annual User Conferences. In addition, resellers will be able to take advantage of qualified lead opportunities across the multi-disciplined business, university and non-profit sectors, discounts on the published list price of Bison publications and research applications, referral fee bonuses, and access to the Bison Partner Center, a secure portal  providing partners with quick access to the latest news, events, sales productivity and marketing collateral, training courses, and product demos for maximizing revenue potential with Bison. 

“We view resellers as extremely valuable in maintaining our market leadership in executive education,” said Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts, Founder and Chairman of The Bison Group.  “We’re confident that building relationships with resellers in key areas through the Reseller Partner Program will contribute to our success and provide a win-win situation in which Bison, our customer base, and our resellers will flourish.”

The team at Gordon Enterprises, Bison’s newly appointed specialists for North American Operations will spearhead the Reseller Partner Program. Gordon Enterprises has almost 40 years of success in selling strategic and tactical enterprise learning products and services engagements.

“I am excited to build relationships with resellers because they are a key component to the success of Bison’s vision and will be treated as true extensions of The Bison Group’s sales force,” said Denise Headley, Director of Channels for North American Operations at the Gordon Enterprise Corporation. “Resellers will be empowered for success through access to the same programs, sales productivity tools, training, and marketing collateral as we provide for our own sales force. With this formula we are confident that we can leverage the reseller channel to expand Bison’s reach for maximum growth.”

About Bison’s Reseller Partner Program

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