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We live in uncertain times. Open a newspaper, turn on the TV or listen to what people are talking about and you will hear concern, preoccupation, and worry. Many of the things we had taken for granted in recent times - making major purchases on credit being one of them - are now not so certain.

Many things that are outside our control. There are also some things we *can* control. How we handle the environment and context in which our customers enter the conversation with us is one of them. Many an innovation has been generated from working collaboratively.

Delivering something of value goes beyond the tangible assets that populate a transaction. True connections are formed in times of distress. If you were to want to change the world for your customers, you could consider one or more of these ideas:

(1) Ask them to share what they see and discover with you - as businesses, the more time we spend seeing the world through the lens of our customers, the better.

(2) Educate them not just on your little piece, but on the whole business of making and delivering what you make - wouldn’t you want to know how your house or car are built?

(3) Encourage your team to spend time with your customers, which in turn may inspire your customers to spend time with your product - a great example of this is the staff at the Apple store.

(4) Deliver what is within your control - courtesy, kindness, and service may be taken for granted until they are missed, but the difference they make when they’re there is remarkable.

(5) Be curious and observant - it’s amazing how much one can learn just by watching and listening.

We now have more tools to generate more connections and value from our interactions. Technology can make these connections faster, but it does not replace our timeless equipment of eyes, ears, and hands. Watch, listen and roll up your sleeves and experience more innovation for your business while you change the world for your customers.

Valeria Maltoni | Conversation Agent