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With so many of us dwelling on the economy, I thought the time was right to share our vision here at cSubs. In what follows I've made reference to a highly regarded survey ("Survey of Business Conditions") by Tatum, LLC. It provides a valuable check and perspective on our own guarded reality. 

Just as background: Tatum polls our nearly 1,000 financial and technology executives nationwide to gain insight into the U.S. business climate. Since they began this monthly assessment more than six years ago, the survey has proven accurate in forecasting business conditions for the coming 30 to 60 days. The results are valued because business leaders know how useful the data are. Of course, a sharp and deep downturn makes reliable future economic indicators like the Tatum survey that much more important. 

We have always believed in working hard, living within our means, treating others as we want to be treated, and building bridges to the future. From this, our work/life has been bright and our future filled with promise. While other companies have underworked yet overspent, accepted the status quo, dreamed no larger, and failed to innovate, we at cSubs have chosen a different course. 

As we watch the necessary market corrections occur all around us — the chickens coming home to roost, as it were — we continue to believe fervently that our tomorrows will be even better than our yesterdays. It is vital that in these challenging days we persevere at what we do best. So remember always that talk and worry about what tomorrow will bring doesn't get it done. Only doing it does it. 

It is especially important for a small company going up against industry giants to have an extraordinary team of doers. In our case, that team is comprised of people who see the goal, push hard toward the finish line, 'get' our culture, and won't accept mediocrity. 

Small businesses that are well run can be leaders and even ride out tough times better than the large ones, according to Tatum's survey results. "Pre-revenue and small businesses, somewhat surprisingly, again scored better than larger ones," the survey pointed out. "It is in conditions like this that companies with more conservative balance sheets and superior financial systems and controls have the opportunity to strengthen strategically compared to the less prudent and less informed competitors." 

Were truer words ever spoken? But this is not to say we should close our hearts to those around us who are being so challenged. It is also not to say we won't experience our own outfall from choices others have made. As the Tatum survey indicates, the downturn has legs: "The recession that began in the third quarter deepened and widened in October, and is expected to deteriorate further for at least the remainder of this year." Believe as we do, however, that the best predictor of what will happen tomorrow is what has gone before.  

So let's keep at what we have always done so well, consider what we can do better, and continue to dream large. Let's spend our time looking inward instead of outward at the rain; and let's also realize that what has gotten us this far will get us the rest of the way. 

As this season of gratitude is upon us, reflect upon all we have, the choices we make, and our prospects for the future. Know that I do.




Julie Sue Auslander, M.Ed, WPO, WBE

Chief Cultural Officer/aka President

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