Cool Gifts: Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

While we covered all the bases for your wishlist and gift-giving needs at Fast Company’s Gift Guide Central, there were a few of my personal favorites that didn’t make the list. Here’s one.



These objects of perfection first became available this summer, when only tech gadget enthusiasts and real audiophiles ( was rocking a pair on Larry King Live when King interviewed him about his Obama is President song, “It’s a New Day”) were first introduced to them.

Recently though, they’ve become the talk of more mainstream ears, and some speculate that they’re more trouble than they’re actually worth. There’s a hefty price tag attached. But after trying a pair myself for a month, I’m inclined to think a lot more like DJ. Skeet Skeet, “I’m Totally Obsessed With: Beats by Dre.”

Here’s why:
– The high price tag alone makes them feel totally exclusive.
– Because they’re made by Dr. Dre and Monster Cable, I never really have to worry about a short in the cord (Monster Cables are like, forever).
– The quality in the booth is unprecedented. At first I never heard my Macbook or iPod sound so great, but the real test didn’t happen until I tried them out in a recording studio. It was a slam dunk, especially the lows I experienced with the bass.
– They shut out all ambient noise. Just ask the guy who sits next to me who has to keep banging on my desk to get my attention.

When I first took them out of the box and plugged them in, I was in aural heaven. The only drawback: I had some cell phone interference with the cord, because you get to swap out the appropriate cords and inputs for different audio experiences (mini plug, stereo plug, airline plug, etc.) So it seems, that would leave a lot of room for open waves getting in. Another drawback is having to remember to power off, because these are all the way battery operated, and not just for the noise reduction like other headsets.

But just in case you don’t believe me, go ask Cool Reviews. But I think I have enough swagga to offer legit cred to these sound monsters. Get it, sound monsters? *Sheesh.* Anyway, these are the luxury headphones to have — they are to your ears what a Louie V scarf is to your neck. But mostly, they’re only for the cats, like Jay-Z, who can’t wear skinny jeans because their knots are too thick. [Beats by Dr. Dre]

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