Cool Gifts: Freehands Gloves for Gadget Lovers

We’ve got all of your wishlist and gift-giving needs covered at Fast Company’s Gift Guide Central, but here’s one of my personal favorites that didn’t make the list.




When Mr. Coolhunting himself, Josh Rubin, first told me about his new gloves last month, I decided I wanted to give them a try before actually writing about them. I’m glad I waited.

They arrived just in time for the beginning of cold season in New York, and armed with my new T-Mobile G1, and sometimes riding my Vespa, I gave the gloves a thorough spin. They worked when I performed activities on the phone and the scooter, with no problems. And did I mention that they were warm? Well, they are.

You may have seen fingerless gloves before, but these are different. You only pull back the forefinger and thumb tips on each hand, and use the magnets available to keep the flaps from getting in your way. Have a tricky gadget maneuver to perform, like grab a photo or answer a phone call, just pull back and your finger tips are available to you immediately.

This is a cool gift idea for your daget-loving friends. The most expensive pair — they come in fleece, stretch, and leather — are only $40. [Freehands]

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