Where Were You Today?

In the retailing business, today is Black Friday, the first official day of the Holiday Shopping Season.  Did you shop today?

I did not shop today.  The only dollars we spent were on the standard 4-month checkup for our baby.  All is well. 

That said, there appears to be tremendous pressure to shop:

  • stimulate the sagging economy
  • get early bird ‘bargains’
  • buy before someone else gets the goods

Stimulate, get, buy.  Not completely stress-free, balanced verbs.  Want some balance in your work/life balance?  Try these verbs:

  • gather with family and friends
  • hug a relative
  • cheer on a sports team
  • sing along at an event

Gather, hug, cheer, sing. Tose are verbs to balance by…