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Harvesting What You Sow

As this celebration of the harvest season arrives, we need to soak up what's going on around us and manifest the metaphors within. Our work/life prosperity — not to mention our very health — depends upon maintaining that balance between our environment and our inner circumstance.

Where are you planting your seeds of creativity? Is your soil filled with thorns that are choking off your growth? Is your soil so hard that seeds aren't taking root? Are you trying to grow plants in weak soil? With which thoughts are you fertilizing your crops?

We can witness the economic circumstance around us and pretend that this is our soil.  Or we can identify our own slice of land, and peer beyond the illusion of the current confusion. Realize that the current economic reality doesn't reflect the core of who you are. Rather, it is the soil of other people's creation.

Albert Einstein said you can't change a problem at the level of the problem. Similarly, if you continue to focus on the economy as "the problem," then, according to Einstein, the problem won't change. The times require us to shift our focus. As challenging as that may seem amidst all of the doomsayers and fallow fields, a dialogue needs to flourish between you and your faith. This reliance on faith enables you to continue believing and trusting that you can choose the right people, have the right thoughts, find the right connections, and persist and prosper, despite those who cry "The sky is falling!"

The spirit of this holiday season includes the words "Wish, Hope, Faith." As so many of our neighbors' fields are lacking yield, we need to carefully water our work/life with actionable nutrients. Wishing is a non-actionable event over which we have no control. We cannot merely sit around wishing our seeds will grow. Hope is external to our engagement in the process. Hope expects that someone (we don't know whom or how) will intervene on our behalf. Faith is internal and actionable. Faith raises the level of expectancy for all those around us. It enables us to attract into our experience others who can do the same. Faith is not based on precedent; it is the space that change lives in.

So, as you construct your thoughts and realities, spend time this Thanksgiving living among your blessings. Think. How do you weed your garden, your employees, your friends? How do your thoughts and the thoughts of those surrounding you nurture your emerging blooms? Just as we are not eating from the harvest of tomorrow, we cannot plant seeds in the chaos of today. This year's harvest is done. We need to be cultivating the proper soil now to be able to sow the seeds of spring. The soil of prosperity is composted with integrity and watered with faith.

Know with the darkness of the season, the dormancy of the seeds we plant in the soil of faith and gratitude will sprout as miracles in the spring. Till your soil, check your growth, monitor the climate, and have faith in your results, or like Tinker Bell, doubt will seal your fate. 



Julie Sue Auslander, M.Ed, WPO, WBE

Chief Cultural Officer/aka President

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