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We have found them: Nine bold and timely ideas that wow us — and that have earned these organizations a place alongside Enterprise Community Partners on our honor roll of 2009 Social Enterprises of the Year. Will all of these notions work in the long run and on a grand scale? Perhaps not. But they represent the kind of innovative thinking that can transform lives and change our world.

Do Something: An IPO

Mercy Corps: The Bank of Banks

The Academy for Urban School Leadership: A Teacher-Training Residency

DataDyne: EpiSurveyor

Civic Ventures: Silicon Valley Encore Initiative

The Institute for OneWorld Health: Not-for-profit Drugmaking

The Acumen Fund: Pulse

Husk Power Systems: Rice-Fired Electricity

Hopelab: Video Games for Health

Enterprise Community Partners

Slideshow: The Social Enterprises of the Year

A version of this article appeared in the December/January 2009 issue of Fast Company magazine.