Need to Name Fast Company Call-In Unidentified Speakers



To all those who participated in the Fast Company, Technology Group Call-In: Next Generation Interaction: Are Virtual Worlds Waiting in the Wings?

I’m working on the transcript with the aid and assistance of Sherri Smith of Fast 

I need your help to put a name to members of the Call-In audience who spoke, but did not identify themselves. Below are a line or two from the transcript. Please contact me directly if you were the speaker or know who the speaker might be. e-mail: 



Technology Group Coordinator 

(1) Name – ? 

[CANADIAN] – I was listening into what you were saying – you (Tish) mentioned [garbled ?] youth area. I second that. 

I count 150 VW operating or in development which focus on 18-and under. Actually, one of the big key drivers of the research I was doing in (fill-in) – I’ve found out that the browser technology’s increased and accessibility begat mass markets….

(2) Name – ?

….comparing it now, to say, the 90s. A big difference I think is just familiarity with 3D. I think a lot of people have been watching the 3D games on PS2 and whatnot, really started to come on strong in the early 2000s – I think a lot of people have been exposed to interactive 3D. It probably…

(3) Name – ?

I wonder if synchrony is a barrier. One of the things that’s allowed – things like Facebook and text messaging and some of the more recently popular ways of socializing to be so successful is that they’re a-synchronous…