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As a leader of people, you're in the spotlight, on the proverbial (modeling) "runway" more than you know...maybe more than you like.  But it is part of the job.

When you speak to your team about work/life balance, what does that look like? Not sound like, but look like?  You may say, "people are our greatest asset" or "I believe we should be able to strike a reasonable balance between work and our families".  Are these smart Leadership 101 platitudes or do you, in our heart of hearts, believe it to be true? True enough to follow the intent yourself...

If you play the hero and say, "go ahead, I'll work the holiday week so you can spend time with your family" - does that make you a great boss or a heretic?  Part of leadership is a defined service-over-self approach.  Should your job title govern when you can spend time with YOUR family?  If you don't show, by actions and not words, that you truly value work/life balance, will your employees take your martydom and run with it, or will it eventually ring hollow as they see you become a 'do as I say, not as I do' leader?