• 11.19.08

Even Gazillionaires Get Stuck Behind the Velvet Rope

Family Guy creator and our November cover subject Seth MacFarlane is denied entrance to a Hollywood bar, but he brushes it off and decides to turn the tables on the doorman. Looks like creating a $2 billion media empire hasn’t changed the easy-going writer/producer.

You’d think that Family Guy creator and burgeoning media mogul Seth MacFarlane would be able to go anywhere and do anything. After all, as we explained in our November cover story, he recently inked a record $100 million production deal with Fox and a groundbreaking deal with Google.


But apparently it can be tough to be the face (and voice) behind the animation.

Last Wednesday, a doorman at the Crown Bar in Hollywood rejected MacFarlane in a scene that you can watch at TMZ. To his credit, MacFarlane doesn’t get mad and instead decides to talk to the paparazzi. Only when he starts voicing a Family Guy character does the tiny bouncer change his tune.

Be sure to watch the video until the end when MacFarlane turns the tables on the guy by talking to the ‘razzi more–and making him wait. What it looks like is that even after growing a $2 billion comedy empire, MacFarlane is still a pretty friendly, easy-going guy. As one of the paparazzi yells, “If $400 million ain’t changed him by now…”