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A couple of friends of mine put together an automotive bailout plan that is far superior to anything that the Detroit automotive companies or the Congress have come up with. If you like this plan, please send it to your Congressperson.

The Pochert/Connolly Automotive Bailout Plan

STOP! Think outside the box. Please listen to the POCHERT/CONNOLLY PLAN.


SUCCESSFUL STANDARD MARKETING TACTIC: The COUPON/REBATE PROCESS has been one of the most successful marketing concepts for stimulating business growth. Don’t bailout companies from the Top Down, do it from the Bottom Up.

SUMMARY: Give $10,000 cash back directly to every consumer who buys a new General Motors, Ford, or Chrysler car within the next six months. 25 billion divided by 10 thousands buys two million, five hundred-thousand cars.

IMPLEMTATION: Easy to monitor, easy to implement, instant results, and it creates instant cash flow in the economy.

  • One cash back rebate per tax payer with a valid social security number.
  • Must purchase (or order) a new car within the next six months, free to choose between General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.
  • An application for the rebate is made to the federal government after the purchase with proof of purchase, copy of registration, and basic documentation proving residency and tax paying status.
  • Rebate check would be direct deposited within two weeks into designated checking/savings account.
  • The rebate of $10,000 could be used for ANY purpose including paying down the car loan, buy another car (even an import), buying Christmas presents, paying down bills, or paying down an upside down mortgage. Anything at all.

RESULTS: The results are simple to understand

  • It moves existing inventory.
  • Creates competition between General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler to offer even deeper deals. Competition is a basic driving force in our economy. This competition would make auto executive think about lowering executive compensation, work out concessions with the auto-workers, create more fuel efficient cars, change their out-dated business practices, etc.
  • Ordinary citizens would benefit directly. The ordinary consumer would feel excited about being a part of the "bail out".
  • The incentive would be to buy smaller cars… it buys more of a car, but they are free to buy any size car they want.
  • The cash rebate would fuel the immediate economy by also allowing this capital to move faster through the cash flow of our ordinary economy.
  • Fraud should be able to monitored easily.