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Healthy Habits at GE

Greetings from General Electric's headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Healthy Habits at GE

I'm waiting to meet with an exec here. The low, white mid-century modern complex set among wooded hills resembles nothing so much as the campus of a public university—there's a lounge with a grand piano and even a full-sized library across a courtyard from where I sit. The hallways show many signs of a strong, not to say paternalistic, corporate culture—reminders about Internet security, volunteering, fitness, and several donation kiosks for various causes.

When I bought a yogurt-and-apple snack from the cafeteria, I was rewarded with a token. Each time you make a healthy choice, you get one of these—choose salads or fruit five times and your sixth healthy snack is free.

They're a 125-year-old company weathering the current economic storm. I guess they know how to motivate people.