Competitive Pressure is not an Obstacle…

Ethical behaviour is especially favoured by managers if it comes to a better acceptance of their companies in the society. The pressure of competitiveness, the purchasing power of customers and the loyalty of staff are important economical regulations legitimizing a value orientated ethics management. The implementation of the Corporate Governance Codex in Germany, based on voluntary commitment of the DAX companies instead of a too high government forced Social Market Economy[1], is an example for that case.

But the good will alone, intellectual declarations and empty phrases are not sufficient to put the own value chain strategy in commonsensical terms for people in society and workforces. Furthermore disregards by companies against certain core values lead to sanctions. They are deeply rooted in the psychology of market behaviour, especially after shocking reports in the media that are getting around more intense, faster and frequently like the planned closure of the German factory of the mobile phone manufacturer Nokia in Bochum[2].

Furthermore in this case we also have to ask even more for the moral of the mass media. The economy has a considerable influence on the media, because they benefit[3] from the system that bad news are good news, by favouring higher risks and immoral behaviour of managers for the sake of exciting news at the expense of polarising reports[4].

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