How do we Exemplify These Cases Through One’s Own Lives?

 More and more international companies are well positioned by strategic actions in the areas of compliance, Corporate Governance or Corporate Citizenship, particularly in Europe and the United States. Concerning the media competence of these companies, there is little left to do. Many times, however, there is a lack of support by managers, implementing ethical thoughts in working life. Leadership and exemplary behaviour have to be gradually learned and implemented.

For this worldly wisdom one neither needs to be particularly religious, nor economic or medial special qualified. Even children are tending to ignore the announcements of their parents if they do not apply to their own words. Already Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount[1] said, that it matters that one suitable accounts for his own actions. The biblical commandment of love urges more awareness, dealing with oneself and others.

[1] Matthäus-Evangelium, Chapter 5-7.