Good Manners are More than Marketing or Strategy…

Primary it is the business of managers to be economical successful. Therefore they are measured by the Shareholder-values of their companies. Stakeholders are not less relevant. The ethical values dilemma of managers[1] is seen more or less critically in politics, churches and media.

The maximization of profit as well as sky-scraping management salaries and the general issues of Corporate Citizenship must fit to each other credibly[2], so that the media coverage on action and effect of the companies are not creating a scandal, because this would also be critically assessed by analysts at the Stock exchanges round the world.[3] The core difficulty is to implement prescriptive value codices successful and sustainable, bringing them transparently through the mass media. This has to do something with contingence but also congruence[4] in the several business decision makings.

[1] Siehe Principal-Agent-Theorie: “Whenever one individual depends on the action of another, an agency relationship arises. The individual taking the action is called the agent. The affected party is the principal.” (

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