Manage Your Status Updates Across Platforms with

Once you start “living” in more than one social media space, the idea of updating your status across multiple Web sites gets tedious fast.

However, is a tool that can update your status across dozens of popular social media sites. Once you sign up for you’ll be able to add your login credentials for a host of popular social media sites. The list keeps growing, but it includes such heavyweights as:

And a couple dozen others. It’s also a great resource for you to decide which new sites to check out. will automatically blast to all the social media sites you’ve set up, but you can include some “triggers” that will send (or refrain from sending) your updates to select sites.

The only frustration I’ve had using — which isn’t their fault — is that LinkedIn cuts their status updates at a lot shorter than the common 140 characters. I’ve had more than one person alert me that I made a mistake with my last LinkedIn update.

Come on, LinkedIn, get with the program!

That small complaint aside, is an essential tool for any self-respecting social media marketer. Now, if I could only get something like to help manage my real world life.