Under the Radar Conference: Five Mobile Apps You Need to Know

there was a great energy at yesterday’s Under the Radar conference in Mountain View, California, with plenty of hopeful startups and VCs milling about. Even my cabdriver pitched me on his eco-friendly car service!

I had a great time at Under the Radar yesterday. I tried to see as many companies as I could in addition to the 10 whose presentations I moderated. Here are the companies whose products you should definitely check out.



This product, which I wrote about last week, has undeniable magic, as Kleiner Perkins VC Chi-Hua Chien described it after the demo. Check it out. [God bless Ustream: The stationary cam in the back of the room failed to capture Smule co-founder Ge Wang literally playing his iPhone like a flute, but you can hear it on the clip beginning at the 5:15 mark.] Smule has very creatively taken the iPhone’s attributes, such as its motion sensor, multitouch screen, and its audio fidelity to do something totally new and innovative.


You would think we’d have solved the problem of having relevant, up-to-date contacts everywhere by now. But sadly, we haven’t. Soocial (pronounced social) moves the ball forward on this so-far-unrealized dream, and even if this doesn’t work out, CEO Stefan Fountain is quite a showman and has a bright future ahead of him as a coach for other presenters.



I wrote about GoodRec last week, and I can’t help but like this simple mobile recommendation service. The audience liked it too, enough to give it one of the “people’s choice” awards.


DialPlus won the hearts of everyone who saw it, judges and audience alike (it even won the Fast Company-sponsored pitch session during lunch for the effectiveness of Lisa LeVasseur’s one-minute presentation of DialPlus’s offering). It gives you context on your caller before you answer and even during the call. For example, you can see the caller’s most recent blog post or Facebook status update.



WebEx on a mobile phone. If you regularly have conference calls and have to drag your laptop around, find a connection, etc, you can relate. So could the UTR crowd of road warriors who also gave PhoneTopp an audience award.