Is There Meaning In The Work You Do?

I came across a great post by Umair Haque over at Harvard Business Publishing titled How to Build a Next-Gen Business Now.

He lays out five steps to build such a business but it was the fifth step that caught my attention because it spoke to our Realvibez Media business.

This final step – rediscovering meaning in the work we do – isn’t just the most difficult to come to grips with. It’s also the most critical – because though the other steps are necessary, they’re not sufficient. Without a deeply felt – and a powerfully lived – sense of meaning, every business will devolve to what the investment banks became: machines engineered with relentless precision to destroy long-run value, often implosively so.

We have found it easier to stick with our venture even when the money is not coming in because it wasn’t founded just because we wanted to make money. It has more meaning than that to us – empowering Caribbean entertainment to earn more revenue on a global scale.

It is taking longer to get where we want and we started by focusing on the music industry, now slowly moving into the television and film industry, but it will get there and we keep working hard because there is meaning in the work we do.

Guy Kawasaki in The Art of the Start, starts chapter 1 with GIST (Great Ideas For Starting Thing) and number one is the following:

Make Meaning – The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning – to create a product or service that makes the world a better place. So your first task is to decide how you can make meaning.

Are you doing what you are doing to just make money or to also make meaning?DM