• 11.12.08

10 Musicians Who Rock the Web

By now, we’ve all gotten used to the idea of the Web as the primary distribution channel for music. But some recording artists have clearly been ahead of the curve when it comes to creative uses for the Web. Here are 10 artists who have used the Internet in innovative ways.

Bowie’s always been an innovator–aside from his music, he was the first artist to issue bonds backed by the royalties of his catalog, in 1997. So it didn’t come as a shock when he announced the launch of BowieNet, an Internet Service Provider focused on him, in 1998. He was also the first major artist to post a free downloadable track, “Telling Lies.” His goofy ISP isn’t around anymore, but he does have a site called BowieArt, a platform for selling his and others’ original prints and photos.