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Finding New Product Uses

Hanh mitakuyapi. Hello my relatives. I believe I've said before that I take no salary from my company in order to give it more to build with, & instead, I work outside jobs. Among my many skills is that of carpentry - master level, frame to finish including cabinet-making. Today, I rode along with someone to install a window in (shiver!) a trailer house. I think they're called "mobile homes" now, but they're 'trailers' to me. Anyway, like most "trailer homes", this one had substantial rot around the window. We had no way to fix it short of inserting pieces of wood to fill the space, caulk heck out of it, then hand-nail the new window trim in place. This is the tried-&-true way, especially since people who live in 'trailers' seldom have much money. If they did... etc. But - we had no suitable wood with us. My company makes a product from chopped flax straw. I have been experimenting with this material since I first got a bale ground, & have found many interesting uses for it. Today, I came up with one more, & the copyright application is in the works now. I had a bag of "Golden Dawn" in my pickup, along with a certain kind of glue. I mixed the 2 together & stuffed the space left by rot removal with this mixture, & we waited. It took a few minutes, but the mixture hardened & gave us a material we could nail into to attach the trim. No "custom sawing", no hassle. I'll be refining this product & process, & in the near future, I expect to have another product to offer - in this time of lousy economy when supposedly there is nothing going on but "gloom & doom". It occurs to me that perhaps my current often-scary lack of ready cash for anything & everything is not entirely 'bad' (although I would cheerfully {ecstatically!} trade it for a pocket full of cash any time..) - because 'necessity being the mother of invention', I am always on the lookout for something that will make a product inexpensively & quickly. I can't afford to have a lazy attitude, any more than I can afford more than the bare essentials right now. And maybe that's the secret to success in micro-business in a nutshell as much as anything. You think?