Al Gore’s Investment Tips

Yesterday Al Gore published a mega-op-ed in the New York Times outlining the necessary steps to address the climate crisis, energy independence and the economic crisis all at once. This is a message we’ve been hearing from many quarters recently–call it the New Green Deal. Gore, who’s been whispered about for Energy Secretary in Obama’s cabinet, mentioned several specific technologies and industries that  have been covered here in Fast Company–for those that haven’t, watch this space. Here are the elements of Gore’s plan and the associated articles.

Solar thermal– Stirling Solar;

Wind farms from the Midwest to Texas– T.Boone Pickens;


Smart electric grids, efficiency and demand response– IBM, Local Power;

The smart garage plug-in hybrid system– V2Green, Cisco, Nissan, GM;

Building efficiency and energy retrofitting–LEED, Architecture 2030

and finally, carbon markets.

An investment Gore doesn’t want to see? Clean coal. Despite the TV ads you may have seen, the former Vice President and Nobel Laureate calls the technology “imaginary.”