• 11.10.08

Under the Radar Conference Preview: Pixelpipe

Once you start to use even three social media services–and who among us isn’t on Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, to name three — managing them can become a huge pain. Enter Pixelpipe.

Pixelpipe is what’s technically known as a “media gateway,” specializing in putting your photos, audio, and video wherever you want them to live online. The free service is perfect for cases like the one I encountered last week with my family. We all love taking pictures, but my wife prefers Flickr, one of her sisters uses Shutterfly, and another one uses Kodak Gallery. When we share photos with each other, we create hassles for each other because we’re on all different services. My wife said, “I really have to get them flickr accounts.”


Or we could use Pixelpipe. It supports more than 40 photo/audio/video sharing sites, plus 10 major blog platforms as well as any RSS-enabled site. Just tell it which services you want to upload your content to and it handles the rest.

Pixelpipe does offer mobile solutions with apps for the iPhone, Nokia N-Series phones, and it released its Android client less than two weeks ago. You can even send an email or MMS message from your phone with a file attached and it’ll upload it.

The business opportunity here is in working with media companies that have a broad social media presence and want to send out content. There may also be the chance to private-label teh service for carriers.

Next Wednesday, November 12, an impressive gathering of startups and mobile-industry poohbahs — everyone from major VCs from firms such as Kleiner Perkins to executives from companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, CBS, Verizon, Alltel, Comcast, Nokia, Microsoft, and R/GA — will meet in Mountain View, California, to choose America’s Next Top Mobile Startup at Under the Radar. As a moderator, I will be previewing the event by providing snapshots of the companies whose sessions I am facilitating

For more information about the conference, go here. To attend and receive a $100 discount, go here. And for my previous previews, click on the company names below.