Obama’s First Web 2.0 Moves

soon after Barack Obama and Joe Biden were elected they launched, a website to support their transition and highlight their agenda on issues ranging from helping the economy to fixing our health care system.

Less then 24 hours after Barack Obama and Joe Biden were elected to the White House they launched, a site that highlights their agenda on issues ranging from a plan to revive the economy to fixing our health care system. There has been a lot of discussion about what President-wlect Obama will do as the first digitally connected POTUS. begins to offer insight in how the administration will be marketing “change” for the next 4 years. Front and center on the homepage is a section called Open Government and asks people to share their stories and ideas, “and be part of bringing positive lasting change to this country.” Another great interactive feature on the site is “Share Your Vision,” which asks citizens to share their views on “where President-Elect Obama should lead this country.”

advertisement will also share information on the transition process and President-elect Obama’s selection for Cabinet members. The jobs section allows prospective applicants to apply for positions in the Obama-Biden Administration. And the site features a blog. The first and only entry was on November 5th at 4PM, and featured a YouTube video of President-Elect Obama’s final speech of the presidential campaign that promised change in Washington. Too bad the blog has not been updated since.

While some of the site remains sparse, and some experts have already commented on the lack of engaging design, it was a smart move to launch It keeps people involved, and demonstrate’s the coming administration’s commitment to bottom up participation.

After you check out, head on over to Flickr where President Elect Obama’s campaign team posted photos of him and his family waiting for the results on Election Day.

Allyson Kapin is the Founding Partner of Rad Campaign and the Founder of Women Who Tech.


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