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Consider the Source

I wrote a post for the Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix blog today and in it, I talk about how agency types have "predicted" a slow down in brand spending on emerging media.

I won’t repeat the whole post here, but you can read it as a bit of background for this post, if you like.

I bring up that post for a reason…and that’s to share with you the idea of considering the source of your information.

If agencies that have not been great at meeting their client’s emerging media needs (official surveys support this statement), isn’t it likely that during a time of economic craziness they would predict that emerging media spending would slow down? "It’s high-time we get some of our TV ad spend budget back," says Amy Agency (not a real person, of course).

You know. Strike while the iron is hot and all that jazz.

Emerging media can be confusing to most brands. There are a bunch of experts who say one thing. Their agencies say another and it’s hard to tell whom to believe and whom to trust. Consider the source.

What companies need to understand is that everyone has an agenda. And, I mean everyone.

Having an agenda is not necessarily a bad thing. It means you’re operating on purpose. Purpose is good.

But, if the intent and focus of your agenda is to skew the game of business by using fear tactics because you don’t like the score, then that’s just poor sportsmanship.

And, no one likes a sore loser.