The Leading Edge – What’s YOUR Leverage?

What you claim to know or claim to be able to do has no impact on people. What does have an impact is knowing what you’ve already done and whether this has produced a positive, measurable result that is relevant to the person making the assessment. 

If you haven’t already accomplished that, then saying you can do it when you haven’t will require you to b.s. and do some fancy tap dancing which anyone with half a brain will see through.

What’s the solution?

Step 1 – Think of what you have already done that produced a positive, measurable result for someone other than yourself.

Step 2 – Step back and think of who or what company urgently needs what you have already done.

Step 3 – Think of how you can get in front of those people who will recognize the value of what you can offer.

For instance, I have an ability to identify, speak to and help people deal with the elephant in the room that is preventing them from moving forward. I used to do that when I would make house calls to dying patients and their families and help break the log jam of unresolved conflicts. After successfully doing that I thought, “What are situations where there are similar unresolved conflicts and time is running out?”

That opened the door to meeting with executive teams and management teams that were going through difficult transitions.