Robert Scoble’s 10 Favorite Tech Experts on FriendFeed

Fast Company tech guru Robert Scoble shares his ten favorite tech experts on FriendFeed.

Robert Scoble’s 10 Favorite Tech Experts on FriendFeed

As many of you know, I was an early adopter of FriendFeed and have since become something of an addict. Part of the reason is that FriendFeed aggregates all of the content that I create across various social media sites – and allows others to comment on it. And FriendFeed recently added a RealTime display, which shows you other people’s items as soon as they add them to their page. No refresh necessary – kind of like the “News Feed” on Facebook, but instantaneous. In my mind, this is where Web 2.0 is going: the Internet on its way to becoming a chat room!


So, in honor of FriendFeed’s innovative new feature, I have honed a list of the top tech voices on FriendFeed you should add to your RSS feeds and Favorites List. Of the 3,500 people I follow on FriendFeed, these are the ten experts I communicate with every single day. Journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers, these Friends of Scoble are loud – and credible – voices on FriendFeed and the Web at large. Each one has been handpicked for their unique perspective — and their elephant-sized brain.

Or think about it this way: If you just followed these ten people it would be like a magazine edited by the tech industry’s top thinkers.

1) Michael Arrington: As founder of TechCrunch, Mike is a fairly recognizable name on the Internet; in fact, Time magazine went so far as to he say that he’s one of “the most influential people in the world.” Clearly a good person to have on your Friend List! Among his notable achievements: graduated from Stanford Law, practiced corporate lawyer, founded TechCrunch (a popular blog with 967,000 current webfeed subscribers). He’s also a legendary party host and a serial entrepreneur of the highest degree, co-founding Achex,,, and Edgeio. Oh, and he’s also the COO of Razorgator.

Michael Arrington – FriendFeed
Michael Arrington’s Website

2) Louis Gray: He’s the guy I learned about FriendFeed first from. Louis is the Director of Corporate Marketing at BlueArc, a Silicon Valley technology company, and an advisor at ReadBurner, an aggregator of the most frequently shared content from “next generation” services. Prior to BlueArc, where Louis has worked since 2001, he was the Web Marketing Manager for 3Cube, a communications application service provider sold to Oracle in 2001.

Louis Gray – FriendFeed
Louis Gray’s Website


3) Duncan Riley: Duncan is an Australian writer, developer, speaker and blogging evangelist. He has launched several blogging sites, including b5media, The Blog Herald, Weblog Empire, and most recently, The Inquisitr (of which he is also CEO). He’s a guy I argue with a lot, but he’s always looking for an interesting tech story.

Duncan Riley – FriendFeed
Duncan Riley’s Website

4) Thomas Hawk: Thomas is an avid photographer and social media evangelist and blogger living in the San Francisco Bay area. Professionally, he works as an investment advisor, has had his photography published in numerous sites including the BBC, and currently is CEO and Chief Evangelist for Zooomr, a photo-sharing website.

Thomas Hawk – FriendFeed
Thomas Hawk’s Website

5) Dave Winer: I got into blogging mostly because of Dave, author of, and he was the first blogger I followed back in the late 1990s. He is generally credited as a pioneer of the development of RSS, now a world-wide phenomenon; and was the first to implement the feed “enclosure” feature, one of several necessary ingredients for podcasting. Dave is also the author of Scripting News, one of the oldest blogs on the Internet, established way back in ‘97. He’s also the founder of the software companies Living Videotext and Userland Software, a former contributing editor for the website HotWired, and a former research fellow at Harvard Law School.

Dave Winer – FriendFeed
Dave Winer’s Website


6) Steve Rubel: When I think of a PR guy who understands the social media world I think of Steve. He is currently Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, where he helps clients identify emerging digital platforms that can be integrated into marketing programs. He also authors a popular digital-themed blog called Micro Persuasion and has a bi-weekly column in AdAge Digital.

Steve Rubel – FriendFeed
Steve Rubel’s Website

7) Loic Le Meur: As a founder/CEO of Seesmic, which is a conversational video company, Loic got me to see FriendFeed as a new form of a talk show. Loic is a French entrepreneur, blogger, and advisor. Loic founded B2L, an interactive agency, RapidSite France and Tejora, among others. He was involved heavily with Ublog, which merged with Six Apart in 2004. Loic writes one of the most widely-read blogs in France and was the organizer of the LesBlogs weblog conferences in Paris. In 2006, Le Meur became a public supporter of Nicolas Sarkozy, later joining his team as an advisor. He interviewed Sarkozy for the first podcast of a French politician in the nation’s history.

Loic Le Meur – FriendFeed
Loic Le Meur Blog

8) MG Siegler: MG is a writer on technology and digital media for VentureBeat, a news site dedicated to private companies and the venture capital that fuels them. He also authors the widely-read blog – ParisLemon. MG is also known as the creator of the Elite Tech page on Reddit and has mentored for Mahalo, a human-powered search engine.

MG Siegler – FriendFeed
MG Siegler Blog


9) Jeremiah Owyang: Jeremiah is currently a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, where he advises and researches social computing. He also runs a blog that serves as a forum to discuss how web tools enable companies to connect better with their customers. Before Forrester, Jeremiah was involved with a number of different organizations, including PodTech Network, Hitachi Data, and Wachovia. He has a unique video into tons of major companies and is watching how they adopt social media.

Jeremiah Owyang – FriendFeed
Jeremiah Owyang Blog

10) L0ckergn0me: Chris Pirillo is an entrepreneur, self-described geek and hardware addict, blogger, tech consultant and enthusiast, and media personality. He launched as a content publishing network and has built Gnomedex into one of the blogosphere’s most regarded conferences. Chris is a monthly columnist for CPU Magazine and produces weekly video segments for Live, where he offers tech advice.

L0ckergn0me – FriendFeed
L0ckergn0me Website