Will Obama be the Ethics President?

One of the really astounding things about this election is that no matter how hard they dug, neither the Clinton campaign nor the McCain campaign could come up with any meaningful “dirt” on Obama.

Is it possible that in this day and age, when corruption is the norm, that a candidate from humble origins, who decidedly does not fit the mold, can actually work up through the grueling campaign and keep his hands clean?Not only that, but a candidate who mostly “gets it” about alternative energy (we’ll have to talk some sense into him about the illusory options of clean coal and safe nuclear, neither of which actually exist), local self-sufficiency, climate change, and other key issues for our time, even while accepting vast amounts of money from the usual suspects on Wall Street and elsewhere.

I, for one, am pretty impressed with the ethics guidelines for working on Obama’s transition team.

While I certainly have major policy differences with Obama, I’m pretty encouraged. Perhaps we can actually allow ourselves “the audacity of hope.”