Web Display Ads Alive and Well

At a time when advertisers are wondering if the bloom is off the rose for web display advertising, some data points have come in that establish the contrary:

1) Web penetration continues to grow. While double digit growth is no longer possible with the large base, penetration is expected to go from the low to the high 60% range over the next six years according to eMarketer.

2) In a major proof point for web display over search, Microsoft’s Atlas division rolls out their Engagement Mapping, which some have been calling Multiple Attribution Protocol. This takes advantage of the falling prices for storage and keeps all actions by a consumer relative to a campaign. Impressions, clicks, view-throughs (those who are exposed to an ad, don’t click but go to a site later), searches and site visits along with variables like ad size, use of rich media, etc. Testing has established that the custom of accrediting a sale or action to the last click (often a navigational search of Google or another search engine) is faulty and the advertiser should give more credit to banner and other display formats while lowering the value of search for most campaigns. Engagement Mapping enables that reallocation.

3) MediaPost’s Center for Media Research reports on a recent study performed by Forrester Consulting for Internet TV Service Veoh that shows that viewers who are engaged, those who spend the most time consuming and sharing long form content are more receptive to advertising.

Just when a lot of people were about to give Google a “game over” salute, proof that display advertising is far from dead emerges.