Zapoint Brings the Paper Resume to Life

Is the paper resume outdated? Despite the stress of dealing with thousands of stacks of resumes and the time it takes to go through all of them, no one has figured out an innovative replacement or more efficient examination method — until now. On October 15, Zapoint, Inc. launched the world’s first Talent Platform, a web-based talent management platform for recruiting, developing and retaining talent. Through a calculated point system and algorithm, site developers argue that their enterprise is the most objective and efficient way of sifting through applications.

“It becomes an interactive process, and it is competitive in an inclusive environment,” says Chris Twyman, CEO of Zapoint, “We can have an end-to-end process and eliminate inefficiency in the marketplace.”

One particularly interesting amenity is Life Chart, a graph that essentially creates a stock chart of one’s career. The ultimate goal is to provide resumes that are much more consumable documents. “Looking at a Life Chart, in five seconds you can get a great sense of the person,” Twyman says, “If you look at a word document resume, you have to read it from start to finish to get an understanding [of the candidate].”

There are two ways to develop a Life Chart: either upload an existing resume and it’s automatically converted or a user can follow a few online steps in creating one from scratch. Zapoint’s service is free to professionals, and is available by subscription to small and large enterprises as well as universities.

In 2009, Zapoint is launching a new program with social networks with a member range of 500,000 to 2 million active participants. Twyman remained mum on the details but says, “If it works, it could change the landscape for recruiting.”