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Want to stand out from the competition? Take a cue from a bank.  Some people in Orange County, California, will be walking into a local bank branch to vote.  Many will be assisted by bank volunteers who have been trained as poll workers.  This SmartPartnership made local and international news. Would you like customer-attracting media coverage too? Read on.

Help Solve a Problem

In past elections many county registrars across the country scrambled to establish places for people to vote and attract enough poll workers. The bank is offering this service for free and will not be "drumming up business outside voting booths" says Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley.

Yet Wells Fargo gains a priceless halo effect as Americans carry out the centerpiece of our democracy in their bank.

"The poll site is a sanctuary of sorts. It’s a place that is completely neutral: There’s no promotion, there’s no advertising, nothing," Kelley said. "The goal of the program is to recruit poll workers — not to brand a stadium."

In exchange Wells Fargo wins the opportunity to use the Orange County seal on its literature and website, and advertise its partnership with the county – and thus its support of democracy. This Me2We approach generates fresh value and visibility for partners that they could not achieve on their own.

Smart Partnering Method Generates Goodwill and Good Value

A SmartPartnership is an alliance among two or more organizations that generates additional value for the "mutual market" of customers the partners seek to serve.  In a weak economy, SmartPartnerships is valuable for consumer-serving companies as they are often less expensive yet more credible and memorable than traditional advertising and solo promotions. For example, another popular, private /public SmartPartnership is the Adopt-a-Highway programs sprinkled across the country.

Any Kind or Size of Consumer-Serving Organization
Can Become More Valuable by SmartPartnering

If you are in business, what kind of SmartPartnership with a government agency would generate fresh value for the agency and positive visibility in front of your kind of customer?

If you work in a government agency what kind of SmartPartnership would expand your capacity to serve or offer a new program or provide more convenience for those you serve?