Marketing Savvy Vital For Real Estate Agents Today

Real estate agents constantly need to adjust to the changes in the real estate industry. With 83% of consumers with real estate needs starting their research online and an equal 80% or more of consumers working with the first agent that establishes contact, the competition to occupy online “real estate” for real estate agents has never been more important.

With so many sites offering no. 1 placement in Google “overnight” and free online marketing tips, how do real estate agents that want to use the power of the internet know who to trust or who are the real internet marketing “experts?”

Instead of relying solely on positive word of mouth from other real estate agents and their status as a 2008 Inc. 500 company, the marketing experts at GetMyHomesValue have decided to give agents nationwide a piece of their internet marketing know-how… for FREE.

The real estate industry now has access to free eBooks and downloadable PDFs at, a real estate marketing site that gives real estate agents tips for getting their message in front of more home buyers and sellers than ever before.

The first eBook available at was released today, titled “Real Estate Marketing: How The Experts Make Over 200K Per Year.”

“How The Experts Make 200K Per Year” is the first of a series of eBooks that should be releasing. Future materials will explain the variety of online and offline marketing techniques for realtors looking for tips that are easy to understand.

As a former real estate marketing consultant across the Mid-Atlantic, I personally recommend this site for any agents looking to own a bigger piece of their online real estate.